Cubicle Characters

Corporate offices are a collection of misfit toys. While each office person is unique, I’ve developed archetypal “office personas” according to dominant traits and behaviors in the workplace. Now…introducing your Cubicle Characters Starting 5! At Point Guard, from ITT Technical Institute, standing 5 feet 7 inches short… The Sports Guy “How about that win last night? […]

Pimp Your Cubicle 411

You’ve finished the introductory course on cubicle pimping and feel prepared to take your cube game to new heights. So what’s next? Full Disclosure: these suggestions are geared towards bold cubicle dwellers, desperate to bring life into their workspace. Stop reading now if you’re content with going through the motions or are afraid to ruffle feathers. […]

Pimp Your Cubicle 101

Cubicles suck. I honestly don’t think they have an alibi. They’re just another way for companies driven by the all-powerful bottom-line to mechanize their employees. By no means do I support life in the cube farm, but for too many of us it has been, is, or will continue to be a reality. Take heart! Believe […]

How to Quit Your Job – Part 1

Leaving a job at some point is nearly inevitable. People quit their jobs for all sorts of reasons: going back to school, career change, motherhood, fatherhood, cross-country move, hopeful wanderer, etc. Why you quit your job is an important determination towards discovering a better fit, but it need not dictate How you quit your job. Departing your workplace […]