Peruvian Amazon

The jungle isn’t for the faint-hearted. Mosquitos, snakes, spiders, jaguars, wild boars, and many other creatures wreak psychological, and at times, physical havoc on jungle dwellers. If that isn’t enough, the humidity fosters an environment suitable for tropical diseases. Primal predator/prey relationships shape the jungle hierarchy. The dense vegetation allows predators, like jaguars, to stalk […]

Pura Vida

In Tamarindo, Costa Rica, I had one of my more epic ping-pong matches in recent memory. My opponent was a talented young German, who incorporated elements of Balls of Fury into his playing style. We rallied before starting the match, exchanging pleasantries and complimenting each other’s game: “Looks like you’ve played some ping-pong growing up…” […]

Travel and Unlikely Friendships: Juan Carlos

The heat and humidity of Leon, Nicaragua was getting to me. I’m generally pretty even-keeled and well-mannered, but I’m not myself when I’m hangry, hot, and bothered. Seriously, it’s embarrassing how much I can relate to the Snickers ad campaign, “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry.” Thankfully, I have enough composure to internalize my disagreeable saltiness […]

Story from a Guatemalan Chicken Bus

A few days ago, I took my first “chicken bus” in Guatemala, the oft-referred nickname for colorful, converted school buses that serve as the primary mode of transportation for locals in Guatemala, and other Central American countries. Chicken buses are everywhere in Guatemala, and each one comes with a unique design and name. The names […]